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Weston has some of the best communities and schools in South Florida, making it one of the most desirable places to live in the state. Weston also offers many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors due to the proximity of the Everglades. Markham Park is a great place to go visit with the family. No matter what you’re going out for, just make sure not to forget the mosquito repellent during the summer.

Our customers like living in Weston, Florida. Unfortunately, so do bugs and other pests. Because Weston is right next to the Everglades, homeowners have to battle pesky critters more often than in other parts of South Florida. Weston gets more of everything: ants, roaches, mosquitoes, spiders, and more. Over-the-counter remedies and do-it-yourself pest control do not work well in Weston. In fact, these products can make things worse if you don’t know what you’re doing.

To keep insects under control in Weston you need to hire an exterminator that has many years of experience dealing with pests common to the area. Our KILL365 program will keep your home pest-free and your family safe. 

Being proactive is the best medicine when it comes to pest control. During the initial service, we spend 2 to 2.5 hours treating key areas of your home against pests. We inspect and treat all potential insect harborage sites, such as voids in the kitchen and bathrooms, the attic, and the garage. No other exterminating company in Weston will spend all this time during the first service. GOTBUGSIKILL is different, and that is why we are the highest-rated company in southern Florida.

Ant Control In Weston, FL

Ants are nearly unavoidable in Florida. Weston's most common ant species are sugar ants, bigheaded ants, crazy ants, white-footed ants, and carpenter ants. These ants are seen often in the yards and around the sidewalks of homes, or in the case of carpenter ants, can go unseen for years while they silently eat your home from the inside.

Unfortunately, trying to control ants on your own can easily make things worse. Any chemicals that you buy over the counter are repellent, meaning that they are a contact-kill solution. When repellent sprays are used, you only kill a small number of workers foraging for food or water, instead of hitting the colony itself. Most of the workers are safe in the nest performing other duties such as cleaning, excavating, and caring for the brood. Because you are not killing the entire colony, the ants will never go away if you’re using over-the-counter repellents alone.

Some ant species, such as Pharaoh ants, can be very difficult to control. If they are threatened, they will leave the original colony and establish a new nest somewhere else in your home. This is a process known as budding. Instead of dealing with just one nest, you will have to fight multiple colonies in a short time. This is the major reason why calling a professional first is always the preferred method of dealing with pests like ants.

At GOTBUGSIKILL, we train our technicians to identify every ant species in south Florida, and they are trained in exactly how to treat them so that the entire colony is wiped out from your home. Unfortunately, this industry has several exterminators that are poorly trained. To rid your home of these unwanted critters, it is important you hire a reputable company. Trust in the certified Weston, FL ant control experts at GOTBUGSIKILL for help.

Cockroach Control In Weston, FL

The two most common species of cockroaches in Weston are American cockroaches (also known as palmetto roaches) and German roaches. The main difference between these species is that palmetto cockroaches are peridomestic, while the German cockroaches are domestic. This means that while palmetto bugs are most often found outside, German cockroaches are typically found indoors. 

If you are a Weston or Florida resident, you most likely have seen a handful of palmetto roaches in your life. Palmetto roaches are also known as water bugs or American roaches. Palmetto roaches are huge, and they can fly too! Adults grow to about 2 inches long. Not only are they big, but they are very hardy. If you ever tried to kill a palmetto cockroach before you know this already.

German roaches are physically introduced by people when they bring card boxes and second-hand appliances inside, or by a guest visiting your home. Palmetto roaches live outdoors and come inside looking for shelter from heavy rain or heat. 

Palmetto roaches can also sometimes be found within the walls and the attic if they find enough moisture. Once the roaches are established inside the walls the only way to get rid of them is to call an exterminator.

The first step to effectively eliminate cockroaches from your Weston home is to identify the species that are invading the structure. The treatment for German roach eradication is completely different than for palmetto roaches. If you want to get rid of or prevent a cockroach infestation at your home look no further than GOTBUGSIKILL. Our experts know exactly what to look for when it comes to roaches, and exactly what treatment to apply.

Mosquito Control In Weston, FL

In Weston, you can find mosquitoes year-round. However, with the arrival of summer rains, the population quickly explodes. The sooner we start the mosquito service, the sooner you will be able to enjoy your backyard. At GOTBUGSIKILL we offer both eco-friendly and conventional foliar sprays in order to find the perfect solution to fit your situation.

Mosquitoes are vectors of several diseases such as Zika, chikungunya, dengue, malaria, and more. Our mosquito control treatments reduce the mosquito population to very low levels so you can enjoy the outdoors and keep your family safe. 

No mosquito system will eliminate the population 100%. If a local pest control company makes that promise they are lying. However, our treatment methodology gives us the ability to treat mosquitoes more effectively than any other pest control provider in the area.

Our eco-friendly mosquito treatment is the In2Care system. This is a non-spray approach to controlling mosquitoes in your yard. We love this system because it is highly effective, and it doesn’t harm beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. Foliar sprays are most ideal when you are looking to host a special event at your Weston home, and you need that quick knockdown.

For reliable exterminators in Weston, FL, look no further. GOTBUGSIKILL is a leader in the pest control industry. Our customers in Weston chose us because we know how to keep their homes bug-free. With GOTBUGSIKILL your home can also be bug-free. We are the best at what we do, and our reviews speak for themselves. If you want help telling the mosquitoes in your yard to buzz off, give us a call today.

Why Choose GOTBUGSIKILL Pest Control?

GOTBUGSIKILL is a family-owned pest control company in Weston. Our eco-friendly and pet-friendly services are tailored to homeowners. GOTBUGSIKILL made a strategic decision to focus on just residential pest control. Our technicians receive the most rigorous training in the identification and treatment of bugs common to residential homes. You can rest assured that when we knock on your door, we are the best you can find. KILL365 is our signature pest control program that will keep your Weston home bug-free and your family safe.

At GOTBUGSIKILL we do not have salespeople. Our technicians are the experts in the field and know exactly what it takes to cure an infestation for your home. Salespeople are trained to sweet talk customers; technicians are trained to solve problems. With GOTBUGSIKILL, you will not have to make two appointments to start your service.

We believe prices should be uniform based on the size of your home. When you call us for an estimate, we will tell you over the phone what the service charge is before you make an appointment. And there are no cancelations fees.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. You probably heard this before. GOTBUGSIKILL is not your average exterminator. Our technicians arrive in new vehicles and wear clean uniforms every day. We know your home is your sanctuary and we respect that. Before we step a foot inside our technicians will put on booties. By the time we finish the initial service, you will be nothing but impressed with the quality of the service and the knowledge our team has. No other South Florida pest control company is a match for GOTBUGSIKILL!

Our company motto is “We Kill. You Chill.” Call GOTBUGSIKILL today and leave the killing to us.

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Our house was invaded by ants. They were everywhere, even in my wife’s laptop, hundreds of them were coming out daily. So we decided to call Gotbugsikill, Juan showed up to our house and he explained to us why, what kind of ants and how he will treat them. Without hesitation, we gave it a try. He told us that the first few days after he puts the chemical, we will see an increase of ants and will slowly disappear. We did. We saw ants like we’ve never seen before but majority of them were dead. After a few days, we saw improvement. Laptop no longer have ants. Week by week, slowly disappeared. Haven’t seen them for awhile. Juan still calls us and checks on us most of the time. Overall great guy to have around when problem like these occurs. He even let us know that he was going away for a few weeks but he made sure to check on the Ant situation before he left, then checked back on us when he came back. I would recommend GOTBUGSIKILL to anyone that’s having these kind of problem.

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