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Sunrise is located along the western side of Broward County and borders the Everglades. Due to our tropical climate and close proximity to the swamp, the residents of Sunrise are at a greater risk of experiencing pest infestations. When you hire GOTBUGSIKILL, we will eliminate this danger for good. It is our top priority to provide excellent pest management solutions in an eco-friendly and pet-friendly way that will keep your family safe.

Our skillful technicians are trained to utilize the best control measures in the industry to deal with ants, roaches, mosquitoes, and other pests. Leave this headache to the pros in South Florida. After all, this is our motto: “We Kill. You Chill.” Read on to learn more about our Sunrise pest control services.

Home Pest Control In Sunrise, FL

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Preventing bugs from becoming a full-blown infestation in your Sunrise home is only possible when you have a top-rated residential pest control company on your side that can foresee issues before they become a problem.

As the saying goes, prevention is the best medicine. The initial service is the foundation of our pest control program. During this time, our trained technicians will treat key areas in your home that are known to become breeding grounds for pests such as cockroaches, ants, and silverfish. These areas include the wall voids in the kitchen and bathrooms, under the cabinets, and in the attic, laundry room, and garage. Our treatment protocol includes the use of long-lasting insecticide powders and granular baits.

While most of our competitors have to deal with callbacks because they fail to do a thorough interior treatment, our customers enjoy homes without bugs. No other pest control company in South Florida adds more value to customers than GOTBUGSIKILL.

Call today and learn how our pest control plan, KILL365, can eliminate the worries of pests invading your Sunrise home.

Ant Control In Sunrise, FL

Are you tired of leaving a plate with food or a snack on the kitchen counter, and five minutes later, it is full of tiny ants? Sugar ants are the culprit of such distress! When a home is not being serviced by a local pest control company, these ants will take advantage and become permanent residents.

After many weeks without hiring an exterminator, ants will set up camp in your home and create multiple colonies. In addition, some species also have multiple queens, such as ghost ants and bigheaded ants. The reproductive potential of these insects is extremely high, and in just a short time, it will become an overwhelming situation.

Bigheaded ants and pyramid ants are two species that can become problematic in South Florida. Both species are incredible excavating machines, and you often see them in action when you find sand piles on the driveway or patio areas. In order to expand the colony, the workers push the sand underneath the pavers or cracks on the driveways. 

If you are finding ants inside or outside your home, it is time to call an ant control company with a solid reputation in Sunrise. GOTBUGSIKILL’s eco-friendly and pet-friendly treatments will eliminate these annoying creatures and protect your family.

Call today and ask about our KILL365 pest control program!

Cockroach Control In Sunrise, FL

A cockroach infestation can develop in just a few weeks after the first roach enters your home. Roaches also have a high reproductive potential. For example, a single German roach female can produce 200 eggs in a lifespan.

It is important to call professional cockroach control even if you are not finding cockroaches. When you hire GOTBUGSIKILL, we will do a preventive treatment to protect key areas in your home that are susceptible to roach infestations. Places like the kitchen, bathroom, and attic space can offer the right conditions for this pest to start breeding. One sign of a palmetto roach infestation is finding droppings inside the cabinets. The size of these droppings is similar to the fecal matter from mice. Our technicians are trained to identify these signs and determine if you have a roach or rodent problem.

Because this bug hides behind the cabinets, inside the walls, and in the attic space, it is practically impossible to get rid of roaches with over-the-counter products. It is true you can kill a runner using Raid or Home Defense spray, but more will continue to come out. Our technicians are trained to apply specialized products at the source of the problem, so the entire population is eliminated.

Cockroaches are not a pretty sight for sure, but worse than that is the fact that roaches are a health hazard because they travel through unsanitary areas. Roaches pick up harmful bacteria on their feet and bodies and transport them to cooking surface areas.

If you want to protect your family from the dangers of living with roaches, call GOTBUGSIKILL today. We are the number one exterminator in Sunrise, FL!

Mosquito Control In Sunrise, FL

Because of our tropical conditions and closeness to the Everglades, Sunrise is a prime place for mosquito activity. From February to November, you can expect to see mosquitoes pretty much daily, except when it is rainy or windy. If you like to spend any time outdoors, there is a high probability that you will have to fight with mosquitoes.

The mosquito population fluctuates from place to place. It is possible that one house gets flooded with mosquitoes and another house a mile away has little activity. The main reason for this discrepancy is probably that one home is surrounded by breeding grounds. Eliminating breeding grounds is the first step in a mosquito mitigation program.

Our technician will do a thorough inspection of your property to identify potential areas where water accumulates. Females use the stagnant water to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, many times your neighbors may be the problem. When there are nearby breeding grounds, you will suffer the consequences.

In this situation, the only solution to reduce mosquito bites is to hire a mosquito control company. GOTBUGSIKILL offers traditional spray barriers and non-spray options for customers that want an eco-friendlier option. You can save money when you bundle your pest control with the mosquito control service.

Local Exterminators In Sunrise, FL

Sunrise is most notably known for its shopping mall, Sawgrass Mills. This shopping center attracts 25 million visitors each year. Sunrise is also home to the FLA Live Arena. This 20,000-seat venue offers more than 100 events annually, and it is also home to the Florida Panthers hockey team.

From shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreation, Sunrise has it all. Because this city has something to offer to everyone, and housing is slightly more affordable than other places in Broward County, Sunrise is a popular place to live, work, and play.

Whether you are a current resident of Sunrise or you recently moved to this city, it is important to hire an exterminator. With our pest control program, KILL365, you will avoid the headaches of dealing with bugs and use that time to relax or do something fun in this vibrant city.

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