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If you live in Davie, FL, or are considering moving to South Florida, you should also consider hiring a local pest control company to protect your home and your family from many unwanted bugs.

Like many of us, people migrate to this part of the country because of the warm tropical weather and quick access to beautiful beaches. The price of living in this paradise is that we are surrounded by lots of ants, roaches, mosquitoes, and other annoying pests.

When you look for an exterminator near Davie, FL, you will find out that GOTBUGSIKILL is the highest-rated pest control company in Broward County. What sets us apart from the competition is that we made a strategic decision only to service residential homes. The advantage of choosing us is that our technicians have the training necessary to solve the common pest problems homeowners face in our part of the country.

GOTBUGSIKILL is proud to be Davie's number #1 exterminator since 2017. In addition to being a top-rated company, the safety of your family, our team members, and the environment is our highest priority. You can be certain that our treatments are pet-friendly and eco-friendly!

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Home Pest Control in Davie, FL

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After dealing with bugs on your own, you've finally decided to call a pest control company. And we hope that you've decided to go with GOTBUGSIKILL after reading our blazing reviews.

When you sign up for KILL365, our recurring service, we will control the population of common invaders such as ants, cockroaches, earwigs, crickets, silverfish, and other bugs. During treatment, our technician will clean up spider webs around windows, doors, and under eaves. After removing spider webs, we spray the foundation and apply granular bait throughout the landscape. We service most of our customers in Broward County every three months.

During the initial service, we spend significant time treating key areas inside your home. This treatment is important because it will kill any pests living indoors and prevent future infestations. We will apply a combination of insecticide powders and granular baits in voids and areas inaccessible to people and pets. We apply dust to wall voids in the wet areas of the home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Finally, we use granular bait in the attic, underneath cabinets, and in inaccessible spaces in the garage.

In essence, the work your tech pro will do during the initial treatment will stop pests in their tracks before they become a problem. For effective home pest control in Davie, let GOTBUGSIKILL help!

Ant Control in Davie, FL

One of the most common pest species to invade homes in Davie is the sugar ant, also known as the ghost ant. These ants are super tiny and difficult to see on dark-colored countertops. If you find ants marching single file, they have found a food source. Ants communicate by chemical signals. When a forager locates a crumb of food or spill from a sweet syrup the worker will return home and leave a pheromone trail for other workers to find the same item. We usually receive calls from customers complaining that tiny ants suddenly show up out of nowhere. This a common problem for homes in South Florida when sugar ants invade.

The key to effectively eliminating ants in Davie is the use of non-repellent products in the form of sprays or baits. These products have special active ingredients that are undetectable to foraging ants, which is sufficient time for the workers to bring the toxins to the nest and kill the entire colony.

For ghost ants, the best baits consist of sugary gels. The high carbohydrate content of gel baits is ideal for these ants. During the manufacturing process, the active ingredients are blended with the bait to make it more attractive. Larger species of ants, such as carpenter, bigheaded, and pyramid ants, are best controlled with granular baits. The protein and fat content in these solid baits makes them highly attractive to larger ant species.

If you want to prevent an invasion of ants in your Davie home, call a pest control company like GOTBUGSIKILL. We understand the nutritional needs of each species and the best products to eliminate them.

f each species and the best products to eliminate them. Cockroach Control in Davie, FL

It isn't wrong to assume that South Florida is the world capital for cockroaches. Our tropical climate is ideal for American roaches to thrive all year long. This species is so popular in this part of the country that they are also known as palmetto roaches or water bugs. A close cousin to the American roach is the Australian cockroach.

Both species are capable of living and reproducing indoors and or outdoors. For this reason, they are known as peridomestic cockroaches. If you constantly find live roaches in your cabinets, garage, attic, or crawling across your floors, it's time to call a trusted pest control company near Davie.

Living with cockroaches is not only disturbing but also a health hazard. Roaches thrive in dark, moist places with a high amount of organic matter. Garbage disposals, drains, and sewer lines are ideal environments for them. These unsanitary places are full of pathogenic bacteria that can make us sick. Roaches are the perfect vehicle to spread all sorts of germs, such as salmonella and E. coli. In addition, their fecal droppings and other bodily secretions spoil our food.

German roach infestations are also prevalent in Davie, FL. Unlike the palmetto roaches, this species does not come from the exterior of your home. People physically introduce them accidentally inside cardboard boxes, used appliances, or by ordering take-out food from an infested restaurant. German roaches reproduce faster and are harder to kill than other species. If you find small cockroaches running on the counters or cabinets after turning the lights on, it is almost certain you have a German roach infestation.

Living with roaches is much more dangerous than an ant infestation, so if you find evidence of cockroaches in your home, it's important to call a Davie cockroach control professional right away. It's much easier to kill ants than cockroaches, so before hiring a local expert, read their reviews. GOTBUGSIKILL is the highest-rated exterminator in Davie, FL, and entomologists train our technicians.

Mosquito Control in Davie, FL

Most of us choose to live in South Florida because of the amazing weather that allows us to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Unfortunately, mosquitoes also enjoy the tropical climate, and their presence is a reality that we must accept if we choose to move to this paradise.

Mosquitoes are present throughout the year in Broward County and surrounding areas. However, they are the worst in the summer during the rainy season. When rainwater is allowed to accumulate in containers, they create breeding grounds for female mosquitoes to lay eggs, so mosquito populations explode during the summer.

Often, we hear public health officials on the radio educating the community about the importance of making sure there are no containers sitting in the yard collecting water. Unfortunately, some people don't care to listen to this advice, and we all have to suffer the consequences.

Luckily, when you sign up for our mosquito control program will eliminate most of these biting creatures from your yard so you can enjoy the outdoors again. A foliar application with a motorized backpack sprayer is the best way to protect your home. Our technicians will also inspect your property to ensure no breeding grounds.

Many homeowners in Davie trust GOTBUGSIKILL to protect their families from nasty bites and the harmful diseases they can transmit. We also offer non-spray solutions such as the In2Care and the Inzecto mosquito control systems. To learn more, visit our mosquito control page.

Local Exterminator in Davie, FL

People choose to live in Davie because the town has a strong sense of community, excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities. This vibrant city has a population of 110,000, so it is one of the largest towns in Broward County. There are over 165 miles of hiking and biking trails in Davie. Some of these trails allow for horseback riding, so if you are a horse enthusiast, Davie should be on your short list when relocating to South Florida.

Davie has a unique educational campus that offers a wide range of programs for students of any age. Broward College, Florida Atlantic University, Nova Southern University, and the University of Florida represent this consortium.

If you like shopping, you have to check the Tower Shops. You will find anything from new shoes to nails in Home Depot in this plaza. And if dining is your thing, University Drive has many restaurants to please anyone's cravings.

With an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round bugs also love it here. If you truly want to enjoy all the benefits of living in South Florida, you should partner with an experienced exterminator. When it comes to pest control, we are the number one choice for in Davie, FL.

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I bought a 2nd home to rent as an income property. Once the deal was closed I started noticing dozens of cockroaches crawling inside the home & garage, some were dying but most were running around. I called Juan & 2 hours later he was at the home. It took him about an hour & half laying bait in the attic, crawl spaces and inside the nest he found in the garage. the following day, those live roaches were DEAD!. Juan returned 2 weeks later to treat the outside of the home a 2nd time. My renters are now moved in & they have not seen a single roach, dead or alive. I signed up for the quarterly service Got Bugs I Kill offers. The price is very reasonable, the treatment is very effective & I am extremely happy. Juan is very knowledgeable & super professional. I actually think I love him! Give him a call & he won't disappoint.

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