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Trusted Pest Control Services For Boca Raton, Florida Homes

Beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants, golf courses, gorgeous homes, and festivals are just some of the things that make Boca Raton such a special place to live or visit. To help maintain those homes lucky enough to be located in our area, the professionals at GOTBUGSIKILL protect the people and property from Boca Raton's most common pests. We can protect your home and family from a variety of pests, including cockroaches, ants, rodents, mosquitoes, and bed bugs. To learn more about our effective home pest control services, reach out to GOTBUGSIKILL today.

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Home Pest Control In Boca Raton, FL

Let the professionals at GOTBUGSIKILL protect your home, which is probably your biggest investment, from destructive pests. Our professionals know the pests that live throughout Palm Beach County and how to control them.

We begin by performing thorough inspections, identifying entry points, and assessing the severity of the infestation. Next, we sit down and develop a treatment plan to meet your home’s unique pest control needs. Our signature pest prevention program, KILL365, provides the quarterly services needed to keep pests out of your home throughout the entire year, using products that are effective and have minimal impact on the environment.

Call GOTBUGSIKILL today to learn how we can begin working together to protect your home from pests and the damage and disease they bring.

Helpful Bed Bug Identification Tips For Boca Raton, FL

Knowing what bed bugs look like is the first step to being able to identify an infestation and get the help needed to eliminate them before they spread throughout your home.

  • As bed bugs grow, they shed their skins, leaving piles of them underneath mattresses, box springs, and on the floor.

  • If recently fed, the adult’s body expands in a balloon-like manner and turns a deep purplish-red color.

    Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and have brown, flat, oval-shaped bodies.

  • Bed bug eggs are the size of a pinhead and are so tiny that they are easily missed, except by a professional.

Nymphs, or young bed bugs, look similar to adults but are smaller in size and translucent or whitish-yellow. After consuming a blood meal, nymphs turn bright red.
If you ever identify what you think are bed bugs in your home, immediately reach out to our professionals. We have available the effective, modern treatments and tools needed to identify and eliminate bed bug infestations. To discuss our bed bug control options and learn how we will eradicate these pests from your home, contact GOTBUGSIKILL!

Common Problems Carpenter Ants Cause In Boca Raton, FL

Carpenter ants get their common name from their destructive tendencies and habit of hollowing out galleries in wood for nesting purposes which can result in structural damage. However, these ants prefer to attack wood softened by fungus associated with moisture problems. Typically, exterior nests are created in rotting fence posts, stumps, and old firewood. Finding sawdust shavings in these areas is often evidence of carpenter ant activity. However, these ants can also get inside, and if a satellite colony gets inside the structure, they may be able to fulfill all their needs without going through the treated area outside and controlling them could become very challenging. Similarly to termites, carpenter ants will tunnel through the wood of your home, causing structural damages to your house. When a carpenter ant infestation is severe, many times it necessary to power dust the attic and drill holes on the walls to apply dust or foam into the wall voids to effectively eliminate these wood-destroying ants.

3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Rodents In Boca Raton, FL

Many factors will attract rodents to your property such as bird feeders, open trash cans, compost bins gardens, piles of debris, tall grass, and even pet food. To help make your property less attractive to rodents and prevent them from choosing your property to invade and damage, we want to offer our top 3 prevention tips:

1. Rodent-proof your home’s exterior. Seal spaces in the foundation and exterior walls. Place mesh covers over all vents and chimneys, place weather stripping around windows and doors, and install door sweeps on exterior doors.

2. Rodent-proof your yard. Keep trash and compost in sealed containers, remove piles of debris, and get rid of bird feeders.

3. Rodent-proof your home’s interior. Keep storage areas clean and clutter-free. Store food in air-tight containers or the fridge. Wash dishes and remove trash from your home daily. Vacuum floors and wipe down tables and counters daily.

To help you prevent problems or solve current problems you are experiencing with rodents, GOTBUGSIKILL offers effective rodent control services. Rodent-proofing, trapping, and follow-up visits are how our experienced professionals eliminate rodents and the problems they bring with them.

American Cockroach Prevention Tips For Boca Raton, FL Residents

The largest species of cockroach living in Florida is the American cockroach. They are most often found living outside in damp areas, especially in and around sewers. American cockroaches often find their way inside while foraging for food. Once inside, they take up residence in basements and in drains where they will emerge to forage for food. American roaches contaminate the surfaces of your home with bacteria, viruses, and human pathogens. Here are some helpful tips to prevent American cockroaches:

  • Store all food in the refrigerator or tightly sealed containers.

  • Make sure trash is stored in tightly sealed containers.

  • Repair water leaks in or around your home.

  • Clear yard debris where American cockroaches can hide.

  • Use dehumidifiers and fans to reduce moisture levels in your home.

To eliminate and control American cockroaches in your home, partner with the trusted southern Florida pest control experts at GOTBUGSIKILL. We will provide the year-round home pest control services needed to maintain a cockroach-free home.

 Reasons Mosquitoes Can Be Dangerous In Boca Raton, Florida

Everyone knows that mosquitoes are annoying, but did you know that they are also extremely dangerous? Mosquitoes have the potential to spread a wide variety of serious diseases to people and animals, including West Nile virus. To reduce mosquito populations and your exposure to them, our trained professionals use backpack mist blowers to treat for mosquitoes. Our mosquito treatment produces a barrier that protects your property for up to 30 days. As a bonus, the treatment is also effective against fleas and ticks. To learn more about working together to reduce mosquito populations on your Boca Raton property, reach out to GOTBUGSIKILL today!


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