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January 22, 2020 - Mosquitoes

mosquito control with in2care

In2Care® is a company in the Netherlands that developed the  In2Care® Mosquito Trap and In2Care® Eave Tubes to safely and effectively reduce mosquito populations. These US-EPA registered products aim to combat insects that transmit harmful diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, and Zika. The In2Care® Company prides itself on its extensive research, testing, and validation of its products aiming to bring customers a multi-impact tool to fight mosquitoes.

The In2Care® stations are filled with water and an odorous tablet that attracts the female mosquito to lay her eggs. When a female enters the trap, she lands on a floater cover with a gauze strip. The gauze is coated with 2 biological agents: a larvicide (Pyriproxyfen), and a fungal spore (Beauveria bassiana). While the female mosquito rests on the gauze, the active ingredients are transferred to the female.

The female mosquito then flies out carrying the bioactive which contaminates the surrounding sites with the larvicide. This larvicide is effective because it kills the larvae in the traps and in surrounding breeding sites. After a few hours, the fungal spore carried by the female germinates, spreads the larvicide through her system, and kills the adult mosquito.


I typically don’t review businesses, but This company has been extremely efficient With controlling bugs in and outside of our house. We first called them with a roach problem inside Of the house. Juan Was able to book an appointment to come to our home within two days. He was able to get the roach problem under control right away. We hired his company to do maintenance pest control for our house and have never regretted it. We appreciate not being just a number like you would be with some of the bigger companies. Anytime I have a question they answer right away. If you are in need of quality pest control, definitely give them a call!

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