How Do I Get Rid Of Ants In My House In Pompano Beach?

November 25, 2023 - Ants

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The last thing you want to see around your Pompano Beach home is yet another active ant hill. Thanks to an unusually warm year with higher-than-average rainfall, ants are quickly moving from our yards into our homes.

Ants in the home can be a serious problem for pets, people, and their property. Not only could you be exposed to potential ant pathogens, but you may also be a sitting duck for bites, stings, and food contamination.

Unless you address ant infestations quickly, these pests can wreak havoc all across your home. The only way to reverse the trend and take back your property is to remove infestations and stop them from returning.

Here's what our pest control company suggests for getting rid of ants in Pompano Beach.

What Type Of Ant Is In My House?

Pompano Beach is home to all types of ants, some of which can build their colonies directly inside your home. These include:

  • Ghost ants

  • White-Footed ants

  • Carpenter ants

  • Bigheaded ants

  • Crazy ants

  • Fire ants

  • Pavement ants

  • Pharaoh ants

Most species of ants are harmless and do little more than clutter your lawn. Others, however, can ruin outdoor activities or even deliver a painful bite. More dangerous species, including fire ants, can inflict painful stings that can potentially trigger allergic reactions.

Let's take a closer look at the dangers of ants once they get inside your home.

How Bad Is It To Have Ants In My House?

It's not uncommon to see some ants in your home, especially during the summer season. However, a large number of ants running through your home may be a sign of something more serious – and dramatically raise the possibility of danger for both you and your loved ones.

Many types of ants can inflict bites on humans, including most of the species listed above. Others can also attack with venomous stings, which leave behind painful welts or trigger allergic reactions.

Some species of ants also cause property damage, including the wood-destroying carpenter ant. Others, like pharaoh ants, spread illness and disease, which are a serious problem with vulnerable populations like children and seniors.

Ants can also contaminate food and water with pathogens brought from the backyard. Since these insects aren't picky about where they eat their food, they may even reintroduce germs from trash bags and dumpsters.

If you spot a train of ants marching around your home, you need to take immediate action to prevent the problem from getting worse. 

But where is this trail of ants coming from? And how can you track down their origin point?

Keep reading to learn more about how and why ants get into area homes.

Why Do I Have Ants In My House?

It doesn't take much for ants to get inside your home, especially if you have plenty of available entry points. These tiny insects can exploit even the smallest cracks and gaps, so it's no wonder that missing weatherstripping or holes in your screens may let them scurry inside.

You may also notice a trail of ants starting in the basement. This can indicate a crack in your foundation, which may be letting unwanted pests inside. Unless you get rid of all attractant factors and seal the entry point completely, there's a good chance these pests will find another way into your home.

Ant prevention steps are a wonderful way to stop ant infestations before they start. However, if you're currently dealing with an active ant infestation, you need professional pest control to regain your comfort and security.

Here's why GOTBUGSIKILL is the right team for the job.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants?

DIY ant control rarely addresses entire infestations. Home remedies and essential oils may discourage new nests but are usually not enough to eliminate existing infestations. That means the fastest and most effective way to get rid of ants in Pompano Beach is to lean on the local pest control services provided by GOTBUGSIKILL.

GOTBUGSIKILL is Pompano Beach's trusted provider of all things ant control. Not only do we offer comprehensive and evidence-based solutions, but we also support our ant management services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy, we're not either, and we make it our mission to make things right.

Curious to learn more about our ant management process? Give us a call for local pest control services today. We look forward to booking an initial inspection so we can explain our process and provide a comprehensive quote.


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