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Our house was invaded by ants. They were everywhere, even in my wife’s laptop, hundreds of them were coming out daily. So we decided to call Gotbugsikill, Juan showed up to our house and he explained to us why, what kind of ants and how he will treat them. Without hesitation, we gave it a try. He told us that the first few days after he puts the chemical, we will see an increase of ants and will slowly disappear. We did. We saw ants like we’ve never seen before but majority of them were dead. After a few days, we saw improvement. Laptop no longer have ants. Week by week, slowly disappeared. Haven’t seen them for awhile. Juan still calls us and checks on us most of the time. Overall great guy to have around when problem like these occurs. He even let us know that he was going away for a few weeks but he made sure to check on the Ant situation before he left, then checked back on us when he came back. I would recommend GOTBUGSIKILL to anyone that’s having these kind of problem.

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