Big-Headed Ants In South Florida

Bigheaded Ants

Pheidole Species

up close image of a big headed ant on a leaf

Bigheaded ants have major and minor workers which we observe to identify this specie. The minor workers have proportionate heads to their bodies, while the majors have a heart-shaped head that is much larger than the rest of the body. Adults are about 1/8” long and only 1% of the population are majors. They feed on dead insects and honeydew.

Bigheaded ants nest in the soil and create underground colonies that extend beyond property lines. Colonies have many fertile queens. Their nests have multiple entrances and are commonly seen at the base of tree trunks, under pavers, flowerpots, cracks in driveway and sidewalk, and along the foundation.

When you notice loose piles of sand along the baseboards your home has a severe bigheaded ant infestation. Here the ants are pushing the sand out from under the slab to expand the colony.

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